AnilDubeyNatasha have successfully completed her assignment in Honda – well within time. She has been diligent at work, quick to grasp issue and efficient in work habits. She is details oriented and have been a good team player. Her work products have been of top quality. She has made a big impact on the projects at Honda.
– Anil Dubey, Manager at Honda

mattattawayNatasha came into a chaotic situation with a team scrambling to finish a product that was going live to a million users in a highly technical industry. She quickly adapted, learned the lingo and technology, and effectively inserted herself into the process, helping to lighten the load for our UX lead.

Generally when you add someone in the middle of a fast moving project you have to slow down, but that wasn’t the case with Natasha. She brings solid UX design skills to the table and delivers thoughtful, well backed designs.

Skills are all well and good, but Natasha is also a fantastic team member, bring positive energy and design passion to the process. The DDTech team was extremely stressed due to unmovable release date, but the team quickly came to appreciate her willingness to pitch in wherever needed and her positive attitude.

Natasha helped get us through a critical time in the product and I will forever be grateful for her help.
– Matt Attaway, Digital Domain

Deepa-ThalikarIt was such a pleasure working with Natasha Chernavska for almost a year at Carrington Mortgage Holdings Inc. on one of it’s crucial projects called Carrington Connects. Natasha is very proactive, result oriented, responsible and technically sound, she is always ready to put all her energy and time to get the job done.

She always sees the big picture but at the same time, is super-attentive to minute details. She is adept and super-quick at grasping complex business logic, rules and workflows, and transforming them into logically sound and visually compelling designs. She has been my first go-to person when it came to simplifying and improving UX functionality of applications that I worked on.

I would highly recommend her for her sound expertise in business analysis and UI/UX design. She would be a valuable asset to any company she works for.
– Deepa Thalikar, Front End Developer at Carrington Mortgage Company

MatteElsberndNatasha is a very smart, talented and detail-focused addition to any team. She has a wide range of experience, a real drive for excellence and a self-sufficiency which makes her a valuable asset to have, whether your firm has a staff of a few people or a larger team. She’s really interested in contributing, understanding what is going on, and finding ways to improve things.
– Matte Elsbernd, Charles Schwab

Mike BetetteNot only is Natasha incredibly talented, she has a great design aesthetic and is prompt and professional. She implements our feedback flawlessly and is a pleasure to work with. She has a great work ethic, she takes each individual job very seriously and always follows with everything we need. Natasha would be an incredible asset to any company.
– Mike Betette, Director of Marketing at Mi’s Westside Comedy Theater

Ruchika ChawlaI had the please of working with Natasha on several website enhancement projects at Carrington. Natasha easily understood my requirements and sat with me to share ideas on how User’s would interact. She is very talented and easy to share ideas with to enhance existing customer facing website
– Ruchika Chawla, Sr. Business Analyst at Carrington Mortgage Services

Zack BlackNatasha created a beautiful site for me for a non profit fly fishing event I was hosting. It was nice and clean and conveyed all the information necessary. She was also quick and efficient in her work. Thank you.
– Zack Black, Entrepreneur

Kim DixonI assisted Natasha in landing a job with WellPoint. Natasha did an outstanding job with great reviews from her manager. Natasha is an above average and talented UI Developer. She is artistic and creative. Natasha has strong technical skills, but the icing on the cake with Natasha is her winning personality. It was indeed a pleasure working with her. I recommend her highly.
– Kim Dixon, Iconma

Paul WeinbergNatasha helped me to completely revamp the website for my book, taking it from blah to wow in just a few weeks! The new site includes a promotional slider, buy buttons, a random post display, among other professional and appealing features. Natasha has a rare combination of creativity, passion, and a meticulous attention to detail. She was relentless in making sure that everything looked – and worked – as it should for maximum impact.

– Paul Weinberg, Bestselling Author

Marisa QuinnMy experience working with Natasha was nothing short of spectacular. From our initial consultation, throughout the site-build process, the launch, and on through the updates Natasha has been incredibly thorough and in tune with my specific business needs. Her recommendations made all the difference in creating a top notch site – and her execution was perfection. Thank you Natasha, for your incredible work!

– Marisa Quinn, Actress, Singer, Photographer

Nataliya ScoleriNatasha is an incredibly creative web designer. She’s very attentive to details. Not only does she produce highly creative and purposeful web designs, her experience in marketing and web development is a big plus. Even more importantly that she shares your passion for your business, thinking of your business needs. I highly recommend Natasha based on her experience, knowledge, and personal skills.

– Nataliya Scoleri, Owner of “Scarves Boutique” (Australia)

Boris FomitchevNatasha has an exceptional talent in system architecture, content structuring, and her designs are wonderful! She is fast and professional. It is a pleasure working with her. We were especially happy to have her working on our project, because we needed someone, who can do both print and web works and has great style.

– Boris Fomitchev, CEO, STLPort Consulting

Irina KosinovskyWe hired Natasha to manage several special events for our company in 2007. Her strategic vision combined with attention to detail and positive energy make her an invaluable asset for any team! She did an excellent job promoting our Quintessence show via print and web materials, which helped us double the profits! We will be happy to work with her again this year!

– Irina Kosinovsky, CEO, WOWFactor Team

Nurlan UrazbaevNatasha was a real multi-talent discovery for Open Radio. She easily mastered all aspects of radio production cycle – from creating commercials to recording features and news reports, live reporting, hosting live shows and producing her own programs. She could replace anyone at the mixing console, while no one could replace her captivating voice in the studio. Within a short time she became a key specialist at the Open Radio network.

– Nurlan Urazbaev, Director, Market and Media Intelligence at BroadSign International (Canada)

Luciana Barbosa WildtNatasha is what I like to call a complete artist. She is extremely creative, has a great eye for photography, can design beautiful and functional things for web AND print as well as build the web site itself. Not counting the fabulous jewelry she makes. I highly recommend her and definitely work with her again!

– Luciana Barbosa Wildt, Wildt Design

Oksana NikolayevskayaI can’t help wondering how people’s professions may be so far away from their true bliss. I’m always very happy when I see that my friends actually listen to what they really want and do that they really love. For work, Natasha creates software interfaces. But she also is a very talented fashion designer. I can hardly imagine someone to wake up in the morning, get an idea out of nowhere, check the closet for a piece of fabric and before breakfast make a dress to wear today. Natasha can. She made a dress for me without ever seeing me in person, and it’s fabulous. I especially like that she makes clothing for larger ladies that don’t make them look like a written off zeppelin. I am glad Natasha launched her online store, where she sells her wonderful clothes and also jewelry she makes herself.
– Oksana Nikolaevskaya, Journalist